Pavegen approached us to to construct an interactive activation to integrate The Pavegen, that converts the kinetic energy from footsteps into usable electrical power.

The 2023 FORD Ride London event served as a platform to showcase Ford’s commitment to electrification with its new Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric vehicle that uses regenerative technology to harness renewable energy from stepping on the brakes.


Trafalgar square, london

A 145-foot-high monument, bearing a statue of Lord Horatio Nelson guarded by lions, marks the spot considered the center of London.


This project faced many challenges. Predominately the exterior site, it would need to last a minimum of 3 years and endure multiple events.

The unit houses electrics so a waterproof enclosure was absolutely vital. It was also necessary for all the fixings to be hidden and quick to install. We approached this by using 18mm marine ply as the carcass, laminated with 3mm Diband.

This insured a complete waterproof seal without detracting from the quality of the design. We were concerned that the grain of the ply would show through the wrap, which is why we opted for a Dibond skin. We felt is was necessary to use high quality ply for the durability, guaranteeing a long life span.

We also provided an instruction booklet to make for an easy install. The unit comes apart in 6 sections and packs away in bespoke flight cases, lined with soft padding to make for easy transportation.


Once we received the clients initial brief and and drawings, we were heavily involved in finding solutions and consulting on the best materials and methods to complete this project. We feel that communication is everything and we continue to advise and support our clients during the install process and after delivery.

It goes without saying that we take our workmanship very seriously here at Get Setsy – but that’s not the only thing that’s important to us. We’re fully aware of the impact we have on the people and places around us, which is why strong commitments to sustainability and diversity is key to us. We always strive for better than excellence!